Home Remedies for Planters Warts

Have you ever had a Planters Warts that wouldn't go away and you cant get rid of? No matter what you try or what products you use the Planters Warts wont budge? No matter what Planters Warts home remedies you used that planters warts stuck around and caused you extreme pain? Well, let me tell you a little story about my younger brother Harry.

When my brother Harry was fifteen he was the all around sports hero of the local high school. There wasn't a sport that he didn't dominate. His favourite sport was basketball. He was the all-star point guard. During basketball season Harry got a Planters Warts on the heel of his right foot. It was big ugly and painful. You could tell how painful it was just by watching Harry try to run around the court. You could see the grimace on his face. Try playing basketball in that condition. Harry was a tough kid and never complained about the pain the planters warts caused him. He still played basketball but he wasn't as mobile or agile as he use to be.

He started with the over the counter Planters Warts products. He applied these products religiously per the instructions but they didn't work. Then Harry went to the doctor and the doctor gave him a prescription. He applied the prescription per the instructions and this also didn't work. It seemed like the Planters Warts was getting worse and more painful.

Then one day my Uncle came to visit. My Uncle had grown up on a farm and he always had a home remedy for anything that ailed you. When my Uncle found out about Harry's Planters Warts he took over his treatments as only a Uncle can. She had a list of Planters Warts home remedies and the first one she tried on Harry was baking soda and water. She rubbed Harry's wart 3 times daily in a mixture of baking soda and water.

That was just for beginners. Next she used dandelions. She broke open the stem of the dandelion and used the milky sap to rub on the wart 3 times daily as well. Then she used wood ash. She rubbed the wood ash into the wart daily.

Weeks later when my Aunty came to pick my Uncle up, the Planters Warts was still there and still quite painful. When my Aunty heard about Harry's Planters Warts she immediately went to the local grocer and picked up some fresh products. He made a concoction from the products and got Harry to rub it on his Planters Warts. 

A month later Harry no longer had the wart.

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